Fell in love with Peyton's car? Like Nathan and Haley's bedspread? Want Brooke's lamp? Find all those nifty tools essential to every episode of One Tree Hill by checking out our collection of set props you'll often see on the show!
Season Four Season Four Season Four
Nathan & Haley's Apartment
Parson Dining Collection w/Blue Chairs
$99.99-$179.99 @

NOTE: This table and chairs aren't exact, but they're very similar to Nathan and Haley's dining set.
Nathan & Haley's Apartment
Equity 3-Shelf Unit in Black Glass/Chrome
$139.99 @

Peyton's Room
Global Home Eastern Influences Bedding Collection
$24.99 @

Season Four Season Four Season Four
Nathan & Haley's Apartment
VTech VT2451 2.4GHz Cordless Phone
$52.99 @

Rachel & Brooke's Room
16-in Motion Sparkle Lamp in Clear/Silver
$35 @

NOTE: This
item is not exact, but it's very similar.
Peyton's Cell Phone
Samsung SYNC for Cingular
$49.99 @

Season Four Season Five Season Five
Dan's Beach House
Ribbon Striped Decorative Pillow
$14.99 @

Brooke's New York City Apartment
Exotic Retreat Table Lamp in Espresso
$39.99 @

Red Bedroom Records Sound Booth Amps
Marshall JCM2000 Guitar Amplifier Half Stack
with DSL100MLB Head and MC412A Cabinet
$1,299 @
Seasons Five-Eight Season Five Seasons Five + Six
Red Bedroom Records Office Amps
Gibson Super Goldtone GA-30RVH Cabinet
$39.99 @

Angie's Diaper Bag
Baby Essentials Black Diaper Bag / Handbag
in Black with White Dots
$39.99 @

Also available in Brown with Pink Dots @
Peyton's Home Phone
VTech DS4121-3 Three Handset Cordless Phone System w/Digital Answering Device & Caller ID
$49.97 @

Season Five + Six Seasons Five + Six Season Five + Six
Nathan & Haley's Bedroom
Galatea Complete Bed Ensemble
$79.99 @
Nathan & Haley's SUV
2008 Land Rover Range Rover
Brooke's Car
2008 BMW X5

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