Mia Catalano had a career turn around when her band met Peyton Sawyer in season five. Not only did Mia ditch the dudes and go solo to be the first artist signed to Peyton's independent label, Red Bedroom Records and skyrocket to fame -- her style definitely did a 360. No longer did the shy musician hide away under printed hoodies -- Mia updated her look with leather jackets, screened tees and tanks, skinny black jeans, funky boots and flirty dresses.

#623 - "Forever and Almost Always"
Bebe Stretch Dress
#624 - "Remember Me As a Time of Day"
GUESS Denim Vest
$108 @
#706 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Forever 21 Studded Denim Skirt
$19.80 @
#706 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Nine West 'Joni' Sandal in Black Leather
$89 @

#706 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Cosa Nostra Asymmetrical Hem Tee

#706 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea
French Connection 'Cactus Jane' Dress in Rosedust
$120 @

UK Fans -
#721 - What's In The Ground Belongs To You
Genetic Denim 'Shane' Recessive Ankle Zip Cigarette Jean
in Overcast Grey
$198 @

NOTE: Sandals are the 'Joni' from Nine West that
were also worn in #7.06.
#722 - Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...
Odille for Anthropologie 'Madras' Corset Top
$58 @

#801 - Asleep at Heaven's Gate
#802 - I Can't See You, But I Know You're There

Salvage 'Secular' Tank
$114 @

NOTE: This features a similar print to the style Mia's wearing.
#805 - Nobody Taught Us to Quit
Dolce Vita 'Star' Skirt in Black/Black
$165 @

Handbag by B.G.
#805 - Nobody Taught Us To Quit
House Of The Gods 'Debbie Harry' T-Shirt in Violet/Red

Life Unexpected - Episode: "Music Faced"
Dolce Vita 'Marilyn' Boot in Black
$571 @

NOTE: This episode was part of the "One Tree Hill"/"Life Unexpected" cross-over episode event.
#806 - Not Afraid
Adult Premier Mermaid Costume
$81.56 @ or

NOTE: This costume was altered by the OTH wardrobe team.
#807 - Luck Be A Lady
Blank Denim The "Acidic" Knit Denim Mini Skirt
$50 @

#808 - Mouthful of Diamonds
I Love H81 America Athletic Top
12.90 @


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