One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Galeotti is such a refreshing breath of air. This lady is always trying new things, if she feels like matching a long flowing dress with clogs.. she will. Or maybe a pretty skirt with a vintage t-shirt? She can. Then she'll surprise you by pairing a classy blazer, jeans and pretty jewelry or even a satin dress with boots and bohemian necklaces. I don't think there is anything Joy won't give a chance and that's what makes her the unique shopper. Check out Joy's eclectic look below -- Viva La Vie Boheme !
"Bring It On Again" - 2004
Role: Marni Potts - Credit as Joie Lenz
Cheerleading.Company's FAST PAX Cal State
 College Stingers Uniform
$146.90* @

NOTE: *Price for the quantity of 5 or less.
Movieline Young Hollywood Awards
May 2, 2004

Nicole Miller White Linen Bustier Top

11th Annual Race to Erase MS Gala
May 14, 2004

Urban Outfitters Hoop Earrings with Glass Beads
$18 @

Fellissimo Design House
May 19, 2004

Club Sandwiches Not Seals Tee
$22 @
Fellissimo Design House
May 19, 2004

Wildlife Works "Indonesia Tigers" T-Shirt
$28 @

Lucky / Cargo Club - May 25, 2004 /
California Arts Scholars Recognition Day -
June 4, 2004

Diane von Furstenberg Laurel Leaf Wrap Dress in Green
$330 @
Leaving MTV Studios in New York City
November 1, 2004

Sayami Cashmere Squiggle Scarf
$42 @
Olympus Fashion Week: Zang Toi Runway Show
February 5, 2005

"We Care, We Cure" Studded Crewneck T-Shirt
$15.95 @
Olympus Fashion Week: Zang Toi Runway Show
February 5, 2005

Motorola A630 Cell Phone for T-Mobile
$149.99 @
UPick Slime Time Live - 2005
Nike MMIV Fleece "Finland" Hoodie in Hunter/Chili Red/Midwest
$39.99 @

One Tree Hill Tour: Boston, MA
March 2005

C&C California Scorpio Dress in Aloha
$110 @
"One Tree Hill" - Season 3 Photo Shoot
Tarina Tarantino Lucite Carved Rose Bracelet in Raspberry
$55 @

Bethany Joy Lenz and Michael Galeotti's Wedding
December 31, 2005

Justina McCaffrey 'Arbesque' Silk Taffeta Wedding Dress
From the Fall 2005 Bridal Collection

NOTE: The dress has a ball gown silhouette and a strapless neckline. The fabric used is silk taffeta. The dress comes in white and ivory.
"One Tree Hill" - Season 3 Photo Shoot
Fornarina 'Chocolate Chip Pie' Tee
$58 @

NOTE: Haley wore this tee in episodes #3.05 & #4.12 of OTH. You may have seen this top when Bethany Joy picked it out on the WB Inside & Out special! The OTH wardrobe department got it from a boutique in Wilmington, NC.
Shopping at Intuition - May 22, 2006
Targèt Couture Embroidered Tee in Pink
$79 @


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